Automation can speed up an Oracle EBS upgrade immensely, so why aren’t more companies leveraging it?

“I want the ability to patch online without bringing down the house.”

Don’t we all? If only it was that easy. The end result is clear but the pathway leading up to it is cluttered. To get right to the point, if you’re upgrading to or beyond Oracle E-Business Suite R12.2.X, chances are you have one or many customizations that you’d like to keep.

The challenge, effort, and time required to keep the investments we love the most requires diligent remediation, code changes, and migration to ensure the customizations meet R12.2.X new version requirements. Oracle provides a migration utility that only covers standard objects, so the majority of EBS customers are SOL and will have to opt for a manual solution if they want to keep everything in place.

But is it worth scrapping what we’ve built and using the new R12.2.X standard?

Oracle EBS modules may be universal but the ways in which they are used vary by company. Starting over and scrapping the investment in previous customizations is time-consuming and unrealistic. Even new standard modules would require additional customization to suit the needs of the business, so it does not make sense to start over and repeat the same process.

So what do you do? Well, we have built a solution that allows EBS customers to automate the code remediation and migration process entirely. Rather than simply tell you what will break and what to test, we are extinguishing the fire and executing the manual workload.


  • ennVee’s ENNABLE tool reduces Development time by two days and cuts the upgrade duration by up to three months
  • One-time parameter capture
  • Restricts errors and reduces the number of rounds of patching and testing
  • Cost-effective licensing (based on ERP size and number of modules)

Bottom line
Keep your customizations in tact and survive an R12.2.X patch upgrade.

Join us for a demo and webinar of the ENNABLE tool. We will highlight the R12.2.X upgrade pain points and how companies are leveraging ENNABLE to access online patching and new R12.2.X features faster. The event is on Friday, March 24th from 11:30 AM to 12 PM CDT. Is it worth it? Yes! We’re also raffling off a $50 gift card to one lucky attendee. Register to attend

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