B.A.D. – Business After (Oracle) Discoverer

June 1st, 2017 – The end of an era for Oracle Discoverer. Now de-supported,


Oracle’s Strategic Direction

Oracle’s strategic direction for enterprise business analytics is the Oracle Business Intelligence Foundation Suite. While Oracle Discoverer will receive on-going support investment, it will no longer be updated in line with any future portfolio update beyond June 1st, 2017.

Migrate to Microsoft Power BI

We’ve developed an accelerator that automatically migrates all Discoverer Reports into leading BI analytics platforms like Tableau, OBIEE, and Microsoft Power BI. Our accelerator migrates all reports, folders, sheets, security access, roles, owner information, hierarchies, joins and more. The process is fast and done by our team to be less intrusive and to extend your Discoverer long term investments with minimal cost and effort.

We offer a free assessment with conversion timelines and fixed bid pricing. Our typical engagement is 2-8 weeks. 30% of customers who have utilized our free assessment have chosen ennVee for this conversion. Click here to download the data sheet. Click here to sign up for a live demo (it’s free).

Please feel free to contact us to discover how you can keep your Discoverer investments in tact without exhausting time, effort, and cost to migrate.



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