Client Case Study: Technician Center Portal

ennVee partners with an industry-leading manufacturer to solidify partner loyalty by creating an exclusive, interactive “Technician Portal”, where registered technicians can provide feedback and inputs that benefit the greater partner community.

Client Snapshot

  • Industry-leading manufacturer and supplier of brake system components
  • 5,100 employees worldwide
  • $550 million (USD) annual revenue
  • Location: Chicago, IL (USA)

Project Overview

The client’s primary objective was to create a portal that would provide relevant information to registered technicians, and a reward system to encourage them to utilize the system. This secure, access-controlled “Technician Center” Portal would be the nerve center for product and part information, and ultimately help solidify partner loyalty.


  • HTML, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery, Ajax, Java, REST Web Services
  • MS SQL Server
  • Magnolia CMS
  • Photoshop, Sublime, Eclipse, Apache Tomcat
  • Load balanced instances: Development (2), Staging (2), Production (2)

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