White Paper: BigMachines CPQ and Oracle E-Business Suite (EBS) Integration

Integrating Oracle BigMachines (CPQ) Cloud and E-Business Suite to streamline the configure-to-quote-to-order process


The customer, a global manufacturer of physical network infrastructure components, was transitioning a major portion of its business to Configure-to-Order and Assemble-to-Order (CTO/ATO). ennVee was brought in to deliver a cost-effective solution that would address all business requirements, while retaining the customer’s existing make-to-stock capabilities for the remainder of the business. We proposed a solution based on Oracle Configure-Price Quote (BigMachines CPQ) Cloud that would integrate with the customer’s existing Oracle E-Business Suite Enterprise Resource Planning system.

Solution Approach

The ennVee team planned to implement Oracle BigMachines (BM) Quote to Oracle E-Business Suite Order Import Process within the customer’s application architecture framework. Using the existing architecture would enable Configure-to-Order (CTO) and Assemble-to-Order (ATO) capabilities, which would streamline the entire configure-to-quote-to-order process, product selection, configuration, pricing, quoting, ordering, and approval workflows. Additionally, the integration allowed the customer to utilize one set of master product data between Oracle CPQ and EBS. The customer would also be able to automatically transfer data between both systems, including header-level quote totals and metadata, product line items, opportunity values, contact data, etc.

ennVee designed and executed a single solution for the entire inquiry-to-order process to reduce duplicate data, improve the accuracy of all sales reports generated, and to enable the client’s customers to easily submit orders online, convert quotes to orders, and approve orders via a customized workflow.

Solution Process

  1. Item Master Outbound Interface between Oracle EBS and Oracle BM
  2. Item Master related attributes Outbound Interface with Oracle BM
  3. Model BOM outbound Interface between Oracle EBS and Oracle BM
  4. Configured Part Item Inbound Interface between Oracle BM and Oracle EBS
  5. Get Net Price (Distributor Price) in BM CPQ from EBS
  6. Oracle BM Quote to Oracle EBS Order Import Process


Tools, Technology, Applications used

  • Oracle E-Business Suite (EBS) R12.x
  • Oracle BigMachines CPQ Cloud
  • Oracle Fusion Middleware
  • Oracle Forms
  • Oracle Reports
  • Oracle SQL Developer

Business Benefits

Quotes to customers increased 10-fold, which augmented revenue generation by 120%. The quoting process was also reduced from 3-7 days to less than one hour, and sales increased by 400% with zero quote error rates. This was accomplished by:

  • Streamlining multiple hand-offs for approval via automated workflow
  • Eliminating redundant data re-entry into multiple systems
  • Minimizing manual and time-intensive proposal generation
  • Maintaining consistent quote and proposal formats
  • Automatically updating the customer’s CRM system with quote and order information
  • Tracking quote success rate and improving forecasts and sales reporting

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