Intelligent Automation of Channel Partner Promotions and Rebates

How a global manufacturer of wireless network equipment leveraged ennVee’s digital expertise to build an automated promotions and rebates platform that accelerates top line growth.

Channel Partner Promotions and Rebate Platform

  • Finance: Intelligent governance and controls, Reduced A/R delinquency
  • Channel Management: Transparency and a great experience for Channel Partners
  • Product and Sales: Flexible, rules-based promotional pricing and rebate strategies
  • Operations: End to end lifecycle management, Intelligent process automation
  • Channel Partner: Faster credit issuance, full transparency and control

A Story About Fast Growth and Modern Communication

A leading innovator in engineering and manufacturing of wireless equipment is transforming the world by connecting people in even the most remote spaces.  For the first time, places that are challenged by difficult terrain and climate conditions are now able to gain the advantages of wireless communications and data enabling higher quality of life and opportunity.

To deliver its innovative solutions, the client has a diverse and expansive global distribution channel that employs dynamic pricing strategies including promotions, price exceptions, and deal registration rebates. While these pricing strategies had been extremely successful in driving top line growth and growing market share, there were a number of key challenges:

  • The process relied heavily on middle office people, multiple spreadsheets, and manual processes to fulfill each transaction.
  • A disjointed process and multiple data sources impacted the corporate financial statement – the accrual for unclaimed promotional and rebate discounts was catching the attention of the CEO, CFO, and board of directors.
  • Distributors had no way to track the status of their promotion and rebate claims or where they stood as they sold inventory to end customers.
  • Invoice payments were being ‘held hostage’ pending Credit Memo issuance.
  • There were numerous unauthorized flavors of rebates and promotional pricing were being issued as ‘side deals’ with no visibility or governance.

Client Snapshot

  • Wireless Equipment & Broadband Solutions Provider
  • Location: Multiple Global Locations
  • 501-1000 employees
  • $100M Annual Revenue


Partnering with this global manufacturer, ennVee designed and delivered a fully orchestrated, intelligent, automated process to encompass the full lifecycle of promotion and rebate management in addition to a modern omni-channel experience.

Solution Process Diagram: Intelligent Automation of Promotions and Rebates

Key Features

  • A secure, cloud-based solution using a lightweight, configurable rules-engine providing flexibility and governance of promotional and rebate pricing eligibility, transaction validation, and calculations.
  • Seamless, real time integration between the Rebate Management hub and the Point of Sale data, channel partner deal registration system of record and NetSuite ERP.
  • Automated ETL integration with the Point of Sale third party.
  • REST API integration with the third-party channel portal system of record and NetSuite
  • A modern user experience accessible from any device giving Channel Ops and Channel Partners a common view of:
    • Dashboards showing the available promotions and rebates, claimed and unclaimed balances
    • Visual Claim Queues by claim status
    • Collaborative workflow for claim disputes through to resolution
    • Credit memos pending and issued with full drill down to the associated POS Invoice and line items
    • Metrics by Region, program type and promotion name
  • Automated role-based workflow and approval processes for Channel Ops and Finance
  • Financial controller dashboards of claim accruals and amounts pending or paid
  • Automated, real-time generation of Credit Memo’s on NetSuite

The ennVee Process

Scrum Method

  • Define the vision: two weeks for discovery, re-engineering the business process, rule analysis, and Ux design/prototyping in close collaboration with the SVP of Channel Management, Director of Channel Management, Financial Controller and front-line channel ops and finance team.
  • Build the product catalog
  • Plan the release
    • Three 4-week sprints followed by Sprint reviews with all stakeholders
    • Sprint 1: Foundation and Master Data
    • Sprint 2: Iteration of Sprint 1, Point of Sale data and Claims Workbench
    • Sprint 3:  Deal Registration integration, Credit Memos and Dashboards
    • Integration and acceptance Testing

Factors Critical to Achieving ROI

  1. Strong buy-in and confidence from the team enabling positive collaboration
  2. Using visual design to align on the solution early in the process
  3. Extracting and stabilizing the business rules, process and policies before starting to design the solution
  4. Rationalizing the variables, rules logic and conditions to design a rule set that can be modified by the end business user but adheres to corporate governance
  5. Adhering to system of record principles to minimize cost of delivery and data integrity risks
  6. Leveraging open source solutions to automate code quality and security adherence


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