Migrating from Oracle Discoverer to Microsoft SSRS

A Private, Women’s Liberal Arts College Migrates from Oracle Discoverer to MS SSRS in 8 weeks.

Retiring legacy reporting tools

The client is an internationally-recognized, private, women’s liberal arts college located in Massachusetts. As an IT-savvy institute they use Oracle Discoverer for all MIS requirements. After Oracle stopped supporting Discoverer in mid-2017, they sought an optimal migration path to migrate their analytical reports to a more intuitive platform, ultimately selecting Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Services (MS SSRS) to replace Discoverer.

Having already installed and used MS SSRS for years, the client avoided the need for a separate implementation project and additional user training. In this case, the three primary constraints were time, cost, and resources needed to migrate. The client’s internal IT team did not have the availability to manually migrate from Discoverer to MS SSRS, and needed ennVee’s help to automate the migration process.

Customer Snap Shot

  • Private women’s liberal arts college
  • Location: Massachusetts, USA
  • 2300 students
  • Annual endowment: ~$2 billion USD

Solution Process

Due to the constraints for both cost and time, we aimed to automate as much of the migration process as possible by utilizing our proprietary ennSight tool, which automatically identifies, assesses, and extracts all reports from Discoverer, including security and business rules.

To start, we conducted a comprehensive assessment of the client’s Discoverer reporting environment. The assessment produced a detailed snap shot of all reports broken down by department, owner, duplicates, complexity of the SQL, and estimated effort to migrate. to help them determine which reports to migrate, sunset, and consolidate. Then, the client went back to its business users and had them scrub the list for any duplicates or obsolete reports. The final decision for what to migrate consisted of 500 essential reports covering four tracks, HRMS, FINANCE, FACULTY, and PAYRPT.

After, the ennVee team used ennSight to automatically extract all 500 identified reports from Discoverer, identifying all user roles and user assigned schema. Based on the extraction each report was divided into one of three categories, Simple, Medium, or Complex. This categorization allowed us to determine the complexity and effort required to convert and test the workbooks and reports. Post-extraction, we automatically migrated each report “as is”. This allowed us to significantly expedite the migration process, and gave the client the opportunity to review and decide whether any enhancements were required in the final MS SSRS output. Finally, each report was unit tested before being deployed to the client’s server.

Total time to migrate: 8 weeks

discoverer to MS SSRS migration diagram - wordpress.png



All 500 Discoverer reports were successfully migrated to MS SSRS in eight weeks without any loss of data or disruptive rebuild. Automation helped the customer reduce the amount of complexity involved, as well as time, cost, and resources required to migrate. Rather than dedicate its internal staff to manually migrating the reports, the ennVee team handled and automated the process, affording the customer additional time to focus on strategic projects.

Additionally, Discoverer users are able to create substantially more intuitive reports via the self-service MS SSRS reporting platform. They can also move reports to Microsoft Power BI to augment the analytics or visual effects. Overall, automation has enabled the college to dedicate more time to strategic initiatives, while simultaneously migrating from Oracle Discoverer in just eight weeks.

Visit our website to learn more about automated Oracle Discoverer migration, or contact us at +1 888-848-6059.

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An Automotive Parts Manufacturer’s Digital Vision Quest

Crafting an interactive digital portal for the partner, customer, and automotive aftermarket ecosystem at large.

Going Digital

This US-based global manufacturer leads the automotive aftermarket in the research, development, manufacturing, testing, and supply of brake system components. Over time they amassed a diverse portfolio of parts and products through acquisitions of other leading parts suppliers and most importantly, continuous innovation in the automotive aftermarket space.

Each of its major brand has its own separate website, and all data is fed back and forth between the main corporate website. While the client was in the process of modernizing each site, their greater digital plan required an interactive web portal geared towards its customers, partners, and the automotive aftermarket ecosystem at large. They sought ennVee’s help to design a solution that would enable seamless sharing of product and other technical information to their partners, customers, and ecosystem.

Key Requirements

ennVee’s solution included building a portal that would provide access to all product details, search catalog, Technical Bulletins, and various company-related and/or sponsored events. ennVee would also need to re-build the underlying product search engine and catalog database from the ground up.

Build an interactive web portal that will enable the customer to accomplish the following:

  • Accelerate growth of business with partners and customers

  • Create an unparalleled customer experience by imparting a digital world of information related to all products, parts, technical bulletins, news, and events

  • Increase digital presence and the number of active registered users via exclusive access to the portal and eCatalog.


Web Portal At A Glance

ennVee worked closely with the client to build a digital portal solution that caters to its global ecosystem of customers and partners.

Key Features Breakdown

Portal Catalog Case Study diagram4



  • Provides an overview of the product
  • Provides details for new and re-manufactured starters, alternators, and steering systems

Technical bulletins

  • Periodically uploaded by the customer’s Product Engineering team
  • Provides details related to any new or updated products, parts, or services


  • Articles and write-ups on various parts standards and quality aspects

“News and Events

  • Company and industry-related events
  • Filter by georgraphy


  • This is the database that contains comprehensive information on the customer’s product portfolio
  • Responsive and provides an optimal viewing experience across all types of devices
  • Search for parts from the home page itself
  • Locate parts via the actual Part Number or VIN number
  • Search by selecting options from a drop-down menu, and the vehicle’s category, make, model, or year. Any parts that match the search criteria are subsequently displayed.
  • View the details of each part including Engine, Amperage Rating, Fitment Notes, Grade, Voltage, Pulley details, Regulator Plug Position, Rotation Direction, Engine, Grade, Power rating, Starter rotation, Tooth quantity, Voltage etc.

Detailed View

  • Multiple images are available to view for each part
  • Download technical documentation (PDF files) to any device
  • Part details can be printed from any device
  • Users can select multiple parts to compare side-by-side in a tabular layout
  • Generate a detailed review of each part
  • Users can input competitor part numbers to view related parts
  • Comprehensive search using criteria like begins with, contains, ends with, and exact match based on the available input. A list of parts matching search criteria is displayed along with a detailed view that can be displayed by selecting each part.
  • Any part-related inquiries can be submitted directly through the portal

Project Topology

  • HTML, CSS, JavaScript
  • jQuery
  • Ajax
  • Java
  • REST Web Services
  • MS SQL Server
  • Magnolia CMS
  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Sublime
  • Eclipse
  • Apache Tomcat
  • Load balanced instances: Development (2), Staging (2), Production (2)

Business Benefits

The digital portal is a strategic addition to the portfolio of facilities that the client offers to its global customer and partner ecosystem. A cornerstone of its digital strategy, the portal will enable the customer to provide a seamless omni-channel experience, leading to more business and greater loyalty from both partners and customers. The portal has also been integrated properly with the client’s back-office Oracle Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system, automatically synchronizing and sending data to each department (Sales, Marketing, etc.).

The digital journey is ongoing and requires continuous tweaks and enhancements to maximize Return on Investment. With this in mind, the portal is scalable, allowing the customer to rapidly introduce new features without disrupting normal business operations.

Visit our website to learn more about ennVee Digital, or contact us at +1 888-848-6059.

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NCOAUG 2018 Training Day

Connect with ennVee at the annual NCOAUG Training Day on March 9th at Drury Lane in Oakbrook Terrace, IL.

The annual NCOAUG winter Training Day will be held on Friday, March 9th at the Drury Lane Theatre in Oakbrook Terrace, Illinois. This is a great opportunity for Oracle users to network and catch up on the latest Oracle cloud, applications, and IT industry trends through a mix of educational sessions and discussion panels.

The North Central Oracle Applications User Group (NCOAUG) is part of the national Oracle Applications User Group (OAUG), and has been providing outstanding Oracle education for the seven state region including Illinois, Iowa, Wisconsin, Indiana, Michigan, Minnesota and Ohio, since 1994.

This year, ennVee has joined as one of the conference sponsors and also submitted an abstract for a chance to present under the Oracle E-Business Suite learning track. Veera Venugopal (President), and Joe Bong (Vice President, Global Sales & Marketing) anticipate speaking about automation best practices for Oracle E-Business Suite R12.2 upgrades, as well as a summation of the results from our 2017 IT leadership survey.

We look forward to meeting new and familiar faces in the Midwest. Make sure to stop by our booth to meet the ennVee team.


Register to attend and learn more by visiting the NCOAUG website.

Customer Voice: “Patching, Testing, Migration, and Downtime…” are among the most reported Oracle EBS R12.2 upgrade challenges

ennVee partnered with an independent research firm to survey 300+ IT and project leaders who have or anticipate upgrading to Oracle E-Business Suite R12.2. Respondents cover all major industries. The top reported challenges include Downtime, Migrating Customizations, and Patching and Testing. 


Oracle E-Business Suite 12.2 was first released in September 2013. It introduced Online Patching to help customers ensure continuous operation of their key business process. The underlying technology stack was also overhauled and supplemented with Oracle Fusion Middleware. As a result, all standard and custom objects (customizations) need to undergo numerous code changes to ensure compliance with 12.2 and above. While Oracle provides a standard utility for remediating and migration standard objects, the utility does not apply to any non standard (custom) objects. As a result, customers must make manually remediate and migrate all custom objects to their target R12.2 instance.


Our objective was to determine if the extent of customization was universally perceived as one of the top challenges for customers who have upgraded or are planning to upgrade to Oracle E-Business Suite R12.2. ennVee partnered with an independent research firm to survey 300+ IT and project leaders who have or anticipate upgrading to Oracle E-Business Suite R12.2. Respondents cover all major industries. The top reported challenges include Downtime, Migrating Customizations, and Patching and Testing.

Download our infographic for a breakdown of R12.2 upgrade objectives, challenges, estimated timelines, and the impact of customization.

About ennABLE

ennVee has been helping customers eliminate a bulk of the heavy lifting by automating the R12.2 upgrade process (from Assessment to Remediation, Migration, and Testing). Our proprietary ennABLE accelerator dramatically reduces the hours associated with custom object remediation, and reduces project cost and timelines by 50%, while minimizing cutover and upgrade downtime.

2017 Gateway OAUG Kansas City – Event Recap

ennVee President, Veera Venugopal, and Vice President of Global Sales and Marketing, Joe Bong discussed current and future Oracle E-Business Suite and ERP upgrade automation trends, and other key aspects that make or break the R12.2 upgrade process.

The second annual Gateway OAUG event took place this past Wednesday, November 8th in Overland Park, Kansas. ennVee participated as an exhibitor and hosted a session around Oracle E-Business Suite R12.2 upgrade automation. Download presentation.


ennVee President, Veera Venugopal, and Vice President of Global Sales and Marketing, Joe Bong discussed current and future Oracle E-Business Suite and ERP upgrade automation trends, and other key aspects that make or break the R12.2 upgrade process.

Veera Venugopal provided insight around the current state and automation best practices during Oracle EBS R12.2 upgrades, as well as the benefits of upgrading to the latest release 12.2.7.

Joe Bong addressed the “voice of the customer” by summarizing the results of over 2,000 surveys taken by Oracle ERP/IT decision makers across all major industries. Joe also examined ennVee’s proprietary automation tools and processes that when applied reduce cost, manual effort, and time to go-live by 60%. The session concluded with a look into ennVee’s Oracle Discoverer migration solution and Oracle Application Performance Monitoring/Managed Services, where 60% of manual effort is eliminated via automation.

Discuss your Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) objectives with us

Are you preparing or planning to upgrade to Oracle E-Business Suite R12.2.7? Contact us to accelerate and reduce the cost of your upgrade by 60%.