Applying CPU/PSU Patches to Oracle EBS R12.2.x

An optimal way to apply CPU/PSU patches to Oracle E-Business Suite R12.2.x.

By: Praveen Sreedhar
Lead DBA, ennVee

Each quarter, Oracle releases new Critical Patch Updates (CPU) / Patch Set Updates (PSU). In this article, we discuss applying these patches to Oracle E-Business Suite (EBS) along with the Oracle MOS id references.

In Oracle E-Business Suite (EBS) we have various tech stack components. It’s important to apply the critical patch update (CPU) to all of these components.

The components include:

  1. Forms and Reports
  2. Fusion Middleware – Web Tier
  3. Fusion Middleware – oracle_common Home
  4. WebLogic.
  5. Database (Don’t get confused here; Database is also a component of EBS application. This also needs to be considered while applying the patches to EBS environment)

First, it’s better to apply patches the latest Quarterly patches to DB tier and then to Apps/Middle Tier. For the DB tier, I strongly advise applying the Patch Set Update (PSU) instead of Critical Patch Update (CPU). PSU contains many proactive and stabilization fixes for issues that you may have encountered already or are going to encounter in the near future. These fixes will have the learnings from the issues arisen across the customers of Oracle. PSU also includes Critical Patch Update (CPU) along with proactive stabilization fixes.

Database Tier

First, always try to apply the latest PSU patch available along with OJVM patch. Always latest.

Second, run the EBS Technology Code level Checker (ETCC). The ETCC script can be downloaded from the Patch 17537119.  Always run the latest one while running ETCC.

ETCC has two scripts:

  • sh:This script needs to be run in DB tier.
  • sh: This script needs to be run in Apps tier.

Run the script against the database and identify the patches that need to be applied.

Third, if you are on Exadata or Superclusters, you need to apply the Proactive Bundle Patch(BP). You need to select the right release when downloading the patch. Consider the newly applied PSU patch release.

Fourth, apply the overlay patches. Overlay patches are answers for conflict patches. Some patches don’t co-exist with the latest PSU patches. In such scenarios, you need to consider patches which can co-exist with the latest PSU patch).

Afterwards, apply the Standard patches. The standard patches are primarily one-off patches.

Finally, Run the DB tier ETCC script, check the missing patches, and act on the missing patches.

Middle Tier

For EBS, Oracle is only releasing Critical Patch Update (CPU) and not PSU (unlike Database). This is important for every Apps DBA to remember if they try to apply quarterly release patches to EBS components.

Please refer to the MOS id for the latest Oracle E-Business Suite Release 12 Critical Patch Update Knowledge Document (April 2018) (Doc ID 2369524.1)

It is important to apply the patches to all of the above tech stack components in EBS. During this phase there are certain pre-requisites that we need to apply in case the pre-requisites do not exist in the system.

Apart from CPU patches to Oracle E-Business Suite, there are also certain proactive Stabilization fixes for all components. Apps DBAs should remember to apply all of these proactive fixes if they are considering applying the Critical Patch Update (CPU) to their environment. The above Oracle Note references this, but not in detail.

The MOS id (below) outlines the steps for checking all proactive fixes for EBS components.

Oracle E-Business Suite Release 12.2: Consolidated List of Patches and Technology Bug Fixes (Doc ID 1594274.1)

While checking the patches for each component, there is potential for some conflict patches. Sometimes, both can’t co-exist. If this occurs, try to get the combination patch. If you weren’t able to resolve this from the Oracle support site, it is always better to raise an SR with Oracle to get the new patches. Most of the time, Oracle has already encountered this scenario with other customers and the solution might be available to you immediately.

One more thing, it’s always better to run the EBS Technology Code level Checker (ETCC) before and after the above exercise.

After applying the patches, if you find any suggestion from, please consider applying those missing patches as well. This is a type of checker for you to identify if you have missed any patches. This ETCC script primarily covers all of the proactive fixes but not the Critical Patch Update.

Both CPU and PSU are cumulative, so you don’t have to worry if you’re skipping one release and applying the latest one.

2017 Gateway OAUG Kansas City – Event Recap

ennVee President, Veera Venugopal, and Vice President of Global Sales and Marketing, Joe Bong discussed current and future Oracle E-Business Suite and ERP upgrade automation trends, and other key aspects that make or break the R12.2 upgrade process.

The second annual Gateway OAUG event took place this past Wednesday, November 8th in Overland Park, Kansas. ennVee participated as an exhibitor and hosted a session around Oracle E-Business Suite R12.2 upgrade automation. Download presentation.


ennVee President, Veera Venugopal, and Vice President of Global Sales and Marketing, Joe Bong discussed current and future Oracle E-Business Suite and ERP upgrade automation trends, and other key aspects that make or break the R12.2 upgrade process.

Veera Venugopal provided insight around the current state and automation best practices during Oracle EBS R12.2 upgrades, as well as the benefits of upgrading to the latest release 12.2.7.

Joe Bong addressed the “voice of the customer” by summarizing the results of over 2,000 surveys taken by Oracle ERP/IT decision makers across all major industries. Joe also examined ennVee’s proprietary automation tools and processes that when applied reduce cost, manual effort, and time to go-live by 60%. The session concluded with a look into ennVee’s Oracle Discoverer migration solution and Oracle Application Performance Monitoring/Managed Services, where 60% of manual effort is eliminated via automation.

Discuss your Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) objectives with us

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ennVee to Host Session on Oracle E-Business Suite R12.2 Upgrade Automation at Upcoming OAUG Event

ennVee will be presenting and exhibiting at the upcoming Gateway Kansas City OAUG event on November 8th.

We’re excited to announce that ennVee will be presenting and exhibiting at the upcoming Gateway Kansas City OAUG event on November 8th.

Make sure to catch our Customer Experience session hosted by ennVee President, Veera Venugopal and Vice President of Global Sales and Marketing, Joe Bong. Both will discuss ways in which customers can leverage automation to accelerate the Oracle E-Business Suite ERP upgrade process to the latest R12.2 release. 

About our Session

Automation: Or How We Eliminated Manual R12.2 Upgrades and Become Cost Saving Hero
Who doesn’t want peace-of-mind from their Oracle E-Business Suite R12.2.7 upgrade? President and Vice President, Veera Venugopal and Joe Bong will discuss how project and business teams can expedite R12.2.x upgrade process through automation. We will share tips, best practices, and lessons learned from past upgrades, which will help you leverage automation to create efficiency, reduce time and cost, while increasing quality.

When: Wednesday, November 8th from 10-10:40AM CDT.
Where: GRID Collaborative Spaces, 12022 Blue Valley Parkway, Overland Park, Kansas 66213

Full agenda and registration –

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Oracle E-Business Suite 12.2.7 Available Now

Oracle has announced the latest release of Oracle E-Business Suite, R12.2.7.

Screen Shot 2017-09-12 at 1.59.51 PM.png

September 8th, 2017
Oracle has announced the latest release of Oracle E-Business Suite, R12.2.7. Download and installation information can be found here.

New Features and Improvements

Release 12.2.7 provides a myriad of updates and enhancements across the entire suite. Highlights include:

  • Statutory and regulatory updates
  • Stability, performance, and security enhancements
  • All one-off patches made available on 11.5.10, 12.0, 12.1.3, and earlier 12.2 releases
  • Extended support for themes (earlier 12.2 releases): recurring revenue business models, user interface modernization, and increased operational efficiency
  • New functional and technical capabilities for iProcurement, Procurement, Project Procurement, Projects, Order Management, Logistics, Manufacturing, Value Chain Planning, Asset Management, Service, Financials, HCM, and Tools and Technology.

For all new features and improvements introduced in release 12.2.7, click here.

R12.2.x Upgrade Automation?

All non-standard objects (Database, Setup, RICEFW) and custom code must be remediated to enable online patching (ADOP), and comply to new architectural standards in 12.2. As a result, project timelines, cost, and resource requirements can increase tremendously, turning the manual-laden upgrade process into a trial by fire. ennVee ennABLE helps organizations simplify and accelerate the 12.2.x upgrade process by automating each phase from assessment, to segregation, remediation, migration, and testing.

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